Janius Digital

Based in Wexford, Ireland

Release Date:

June 1st, 2021





Regular Price:

USD $11.99

EUR €9.99

GBP £9.29


Scoot Kaboom and the Tomb of Doom is an action platformer filled with classic jumping and exploration fun, which all takes place on one single screen, which you can zoom out and see all at once at any time. Navigate your way through the mysterious Tomb of Doom, evading spikes, saws, projectiles, portals and more!

Help Scoot and friends get through the challenging zones of the twisting Tomb of Doom, each one featuring new treacherous traps and malevolent mayhem! Survive the depths and rescue your prize from the clutches of the nefarious Dr. Meteora!

Created with hand-drawn pixelart, and with a cast of cure animal characters you can unlock as you progress through the game, Scoot Kaboom and The Tomb of Doom is designed with accessibilty in mind, with a variety of gameplay modifiers designed to adjust the difficulty of the game to suit your playstyle!

Key Features

  • Classic platforming action with a modern feel
  • Tight, intuitive controls and smooth gameplay
  • A hand-crafted world with an intricately designed, twisting and turning maze-like tomb to explore, escape and survive
  • Unlock and play as over 20 different characters
  • Customise the challenge to your level with gameplay mods
  • Hand-drawn pixel art designed to evoke classic games and cartoons
  • Multiple game modes add more dimensions and challenges to test your skills


Scoot Kaboom and The Tomb of Doom - Official Trailer


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About Janius Digital

Janius Digital are James Doyle & Pamela Dore, a two-person team based in Wexford, Ireland. In addition to game development they believe in helping others to learn how to make games and have published multiple successful courses teaching game development. Janius Digital's first game is Scoot Kaboom and The Tomb of Doom, an action platformer that all takes place on one screen.

More information

More information about Janius Digital can be found here.

Scoot Kaboom Credits

James Doyle

Creator, Developer

Pamela Dore

Creator, Developer